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Lipogun Manual Mesotherapy Gun + FREE 100 x Ultra-Fine Needles (Limited time offer)

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    Lipogun® Mesotherapy Gun Pistol- Mechanical Mesogun

    A revolution in comfort and safety for the professional and the patient. With it, it is possible to evaluate the measurement applied and regulate the penetration of the needle. It has a skin stabilizer, and due to its mechanical system, it is easy to use and does not need batteries or expensive replacement kits. 


    Main Advantages: The use with Intradermotherapy Mesotherapy

    1.  Saves time and money per session.

    2.  Easy application with precise doses per spot.

    3.  Low replacement cost: treatments with common needles.

    4.  Avoids waste.

    5.  Ergonomic design. Safety and comfort in applications.

    6.  Aggregates value to the service of the professional doctor.

    7.  The best cost/benefit ratio in the market.




    The Lipogun® pistol as idealized so the professional may use less time for applications, and perfect doses from one drop of the mixture.


    It makes it possible to have a better symmetrical view of the spots and application fields, greater commodity and physical comfort, almost painless touches, safety, tranquility and well being in regard to the conventional applications. The Lipogun is fabricated with stainless steel and Polycarbonate: a thermoplastic used in the aerospace industry.


    Lipogun® Pistol – Instructions for use:


    1.  The Pin [G] must turn to the right or to the left, to adjust the penetration depth of the needle in the skin. (From 1 to 15mm)


    2.  Place the disposable syringe over the superior edge of the pistol, supporting the needle fit in the enclave of the pistol’s extremity [A] (U opening), and the piston of the pistol in the fit of the dosage glide [E].


    3.  The pin [B] must be carefully adapted over the axes which vertically runs through the dosage glide, in order for the trigger discharge to work, and with the piston fit, have it compress the syringe softly. You must take care when approximating the spot [D] and not continue the discharges, elevating the pin again [B], and returning it to the position, avoiding unnecessary wear. 



    Questions and Answers


    Where is the Lipogun mesotherapy gun dispatched from? Do I have to pay taxes?

    Usually, the order is dispatched from the United States, UK or consigned from Brazil. There are no taxes or hidden fees. Shipping is free and the delivery usually takes between two days in the US, 3 days in Europe, 8 to 12 days via Priority Order with tracking or 4 to 7 days via Order Express (EMS) to worldwide. If you complete your online request in the morning, we can send your package in the very same day.


    What forms of payment do you accept? Is there any discount for people who buy more than one unit?

    We accept debit and all credit cards. If you want to buy more than one unit with discount, choose the appropriate kit at our online store. 

    With orders containing more than three units, the user receives progressive discounts up to twenty Lipoguns. The larger the quantity, the lower the price.

     If you are planning to order over 20 units, please email: help@lipogun.com and request a custom quote according to your needs.


    Does the product works manually? And does it come with instructions?

    Yes. It is a manual gun (or mechanical) made for professionals already trained in Mesotherapy. Lipogun is a manual gun designed for use in mesotherapy, being the best-selling and most cost effective gun in the world.

    There are simple instructions, but we do not offer specific training about mesotherapy techniques. Click on the Video tab on this page to watch some basic videos on how to manage a Lipogun.


    What type of warranty does the Lipogun offer? How does the customer service works?

    Lipogun has a six-month warranty covering manufacturing defects. In case of defect, we exchange the product without any costs to the buyer. The gun is made of Polycarbonate, the most durable plastic in the industry.

    The customer service support is done via helpdesk.


    What is the price of Lipogun in my local currency?

     The amount of your purchase will always be charged in local currency: USD, EUR, GBP...

    Your credit card provider will automatically convert the value to your local currency if it needs. Remember that small variations may occur due to the normal fluctuations of the foreign exchange.


    How can I buy a Lipogun in my city?

    Lipogun's success in the world is a consequence of its sales method.

    We sell directly from the factory to the user without any intermediaries.

    That's why you can buy a high quality product for less than half price of the competitors.


    How can I purchase a gun online? What steps should I follow to purchase via Internet? Are there any risks?

    We guarantee that all orders will be delivered or, should this not be the case, you will receive your money back. 

    With over seven years experience working online, we already achieved a perfect reputation. To purchase, please visit our e-commerce: www.lipogun.com

    Choose the Lipogun kit that you are interested in. Click the button “Add to Cart”. 

    Follow the steps and sign up at our store by entering your data correctly.

    Check everything and then choose how you want to pay: Amex, Discover, Visa or MasterCard.

    Then finalize and wait for the purchase confirmation email.

    Shipping is free and delivery usually takes only 2-4 days in the United States. Between 8 to 12 days worldwide via Registered Parcel with tracking. If you complete your request during the morning, we can send your package the same day.

    Today there are hundreds of satisfied customers in many places: Europe, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, México, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Chile, Uruguay etc.


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    Customer Reviews (1)

    I had mesotherapy on my face with Dr. Gidon.I...Review by Zt.Canada
    I had lipogun on my face with Dr. Gidon.I wanted a natural and non-invasive anti-aging procedure that would rejuvenate my skin. I asked Dr. Gidon if what I'd heard about mesotherapy (ie., that it promotes the production of collagen and elastin in my face) was true, and whether it would be beneficial for me. As always, she was very honest and realistic in explaining what I could expect, and she was right: a few days after the procedure, my face looked refreshed and rested (and this was noticed by colleagues at work!). The "down time" is a little longer than I'd prefer, but it's definitely worth it if you have the time and want the results :) (Posted on 7/6/2015)

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